Greeting’s from your Friendly Neighborhood Pornographer, Thank God for My Writer’s Group

┬áSometimes I just cringe because my characters hook up occasionally. Well, that’s wrong, I don’t have a lot of gratuitous sex going on, ( except Tanner! Well, and Jermaine…). Mostly my books have couples, of all types, and they are usually in love and on some level, ‘good for each other’. I enjoy exploring the ‘couple’ thing. However, they do jump on each other’s bones once in a while and because it’s important to the story, I can’t just leave the hot stuff out. When my writing group gets together, after mailing each other our latest stuff, we read and critique. It’s always helpful, lots of laughs and I respect their advice and their work very much. What I get in the mail every month are beautiful, deep and inspiring poems and a great YA fantasy. What I sent them this month has a doozy of a love scene included. So embarrassing. I hope I can get away without reading all of it…maybe just stop before the juicy part starts. I’m proud of what I write and I have no trouble writing explicit love scenes. It’s just something I think adds dimension and humanity to my fantasy world. They are light relief from the flurry of fantasy/action/adventure going on in the warring world of Earden. It’s also a way to cement relationships, look into my character’s hearts, etc. This type of book is not everyone’s cup of tea, thank God my literary friends are very open-minded. Their work is definitely on a higher level but this is what I write and they put up with it!

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