Indie Book Award won by E. Merwin MY SISTER-IN-LAW!

¬†How proud am I? Do you have to ask? My dear sister-in-law Eileen just won the Indie Book Award 2017 for Regional Fiction! So well deserved! She and I keep each other’s spirits up in the always difficult and solitary world of indie publishing. She encouraged me and got me going on Createspace, she tells me about stuff and I clue her in. Our own little Merwin Network! “Floating Bones” is the first volume of a trilogy set in pagan Ireland with a young girl protagonist…Svana.

“That afternoon when women of the village were gathering mussels on the beach, the jagged helm of a boat dashed to bits washed ashore. It was then the sea spat out a dying man by whose tattered trousers and cropped yellow beard, we knew to be a Northman.”

Why have the battered bones been summoned from the dead? And to what phantom world will they lead her?

Anyone who loves Ireland its myths and folklore will love Eileen’s book!

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