Joys of Self-Publishing

┬áMy new sign on the front of our gallery. What is it about self-publishing that gives me a thrill? A lot of things. First and foremost I am and always have been a selfish little kid in my own world and this goes for my writing too. I want it my way, I don’t want any snotty young editors or agents telling me I have to cut off my toes to fit into Cinderella’s slipper. I’m thrilled if readers like my books but I don’t want strangers telling me how to write them. That being said I have a wonderful writer’s group and they are going through the latest one with me page by page, so it’s not that I won’t take advice…really I’m not a bitch and I’m not stupid, just protective after having been through the ‘publishing mill’. I don’t really care about the money, it would be nice of course if the Tales of Earden take off but the reason I write them is because I HAVE to get them out…my characters have stories they insist on telling and they have to go through me…no other way, yet.

Also I’m an artist, so making the cover look just the way I want it to look is an obsession. The typical over-sexed, shirtless muscle man covers of many of today’s romance or women’s fiction books definitely don’t appeal to me. It sends a great message to a certain type of romance reader but my novels have a whole world to explore and sex is only one aspect between the covers of my books, amongst other things…pirates, warriors, sword fights, prophets, witches, mischievous crows, brave children. This is where the ego comes in. I want them to be enjoyed and re-read, not tossed aside. But only time will tell on that point. If they’re just fantasy/adventure that’s fine with me too.

No deadlines that are not of my own making. That I like. I do have a deadline for the fourth book, ‘The Seer”…the day before Thanksgiving, since I just finished the second draft and will let it ‘steep’ a little before I polish it again, I think I’ve got plenty of time to get it ready.

I can plug away at as much or as little social media as I can handle. Since most publishers want you to do everything anyway I might as well do it on my own. I advertise a little, have this blog/website and Facebook. I also love Createspace, GoDaddy and Amazon, they are my octopus arms and legs into the world.

And yes, if I started to make a lot of money, some publisher would probably come to me. No begging query letters, no waiting forever with your Ms. hanging out, depressed and doubting yourself, hearing nothing. No thanks. I played that game for two years. Long enough. I have three more books in this series to write and at least two more unrelated ideas floating around in my tiny brain. No time to waste.

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