The Mosul Library Campaign

I just sent off a box of books to the “Mosul Eye campaign to revive the libraries of Mosul”…it was trending on Facebook, where I spend an inordinate amount of time! (Hello to my friends on “I’m not obsessed, I just love books!”)

How amazing that just hours after the crushing of ISIS, or maybe even while the fighting was still going on the librarian of the Erbil Library, the biggest one in Mosul was already trying to re-build! Volunteers are salvaging, crawling over the smoking debris and folks from all over the world are sending them books. He wants to have at least 200,000 volumes before they re-open! And re-open in what? This is heart-rending…also, it was not cheap to send, as ‘book-rate’ is only a U.S. thing! At least the customs form had a spot for ‘charitable donations’…although I still expect the ugly Trumpy trolls to show up at my door and demand to know why I was helping them ‘damned ferriners!’. Acts of the heart are not cheap but they keep it pumping! Also, the postmistress said they will abandon it if it cannot be delivered…keeping my fingers crossed it gets where it needs to go. Awful sketchy address too, “Erbil, Mosul, Iraq, behind the Erbil Intl. Hotel, (Sheraton Building)”. When there isn’t even a physical address, what can you do? They asked for a phone number on the customs form…Ha! What phone? Will they leave it on the stoop? What stoop?

I decided to send a batch of books on documentary film-making, I think they can use all subjects and you wont find these just anywhere. My son is a film-maker and so I sent a selection on directing, lighting, cinematograhy…since you can do anything with your phone these days, maybe they would be inspired to tell their stories. That was the thought, anyway. I didn’t want to send just any old thing…and certainly not my novels! Too sexy, too frivolous…

Anyone reading this, if you need more info go to

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