Volunteering at My Local Library

The Guardian and The King - J Carter Merwin I love reading the stacks…making room, making sure the books are in order, finding those that need repair and those that are past their expiration date…does anyone read Vita Sackville West anymore? Did they ever? Our local library is a wondrous, pint-sized community treasure with a woefully pint-sized budget but dedicated staff and lots of volunteers. I have wanted for a long time to become one of these. Now that I no longer get dragged about the country-side by shelter dogs I can spend my time writing and doing a few things, like helping at the Castleton Free Library on Thursday afternoons.

Yesterday I was crawling around on my knees, shifting books from one shelf to another when I was shocked. At first glance I could not believe that some other author had stolen my titles and the covers of my books! Then in a flash I realized they were mine! Right there on the library shelf! I don’t know why I was so surprised but it was such a treat. For someone who’s spent much of her whole life in libraries, just seeing my books there made it special and real.

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