Why I Love My Drunken Princess

¬†Jermaine is a twisted little thing but I’m very proud of her, her character is full of flaws…aren’t we all, but hers stand out pretty clearly, drunken slut and power-hungry to boot. What’s not to love? When we first meet her in volume three, she’s something of a booby-prize. Daddy seals a bargain and she is the tiny clause at the bottom of the contract, the one you don’t see, like the side effects at the end of a drug commercial. To her amazement she finds herself married to a noble person from another land, Faolan, Guardian of Earden. ¬†He is not her type at all, an earnest, loyal man whom she nicknames ‘Scholar’ because of his quiet, thoughtful ways. He takes her mother’s advice and in doing so, makes the spoiled princess love him. Surprise, surprise!

If truth be told, wouldn’t I love to have her life…every whim obeyed, a sexual predator with a palace full of troubadours, soldiers and courtiers to prey on. The life of a wanton, self-consumed monster. What fun! How spoiled is this brat I created? Maybe she is a memory come to life of my art school days or my days in London, riding pillion on old motorbikes or Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, wild days. Fond remembrances.

But, like Life has a habit of doing, it intervenes and poor little rich girl, has to grow up. The one thing she wants forces her to walk out onto the steps of her father’s palace and take a man she does not know for her husband. She will need to give up all her crutches, drink chiefest amongst them and develop her few redeeming traits. She has strength, she is clever and she wants to be queen. Most surprising of all, she wants his love…who knows if she’ll win?

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